Steps to Take During a Worker’s Compensation Claims Investigation

Steps to Take During a Worker’s Compensation Claims Investigation, essential elements of a workers compensation claims investigation

An employee injury can happen anywhere at any time.  If an accident happens in your place of business, then an investigation is sure to follow.  Not familiar with the different steps of a claims investigation?  Then learn more about the essential elements of a workers compensation claims investigation.

Interviewing the Injured Employee

One of the first things that will take place in an investigation is an interview with the injured worker.  Because they were directly involved in the incident, they can provide valuable insight to help a claims investigator evaluate the case.  Some of the common questions asked include:

  • How did the injury occur?
  • What activities were you doing just prior to the accident?
  • How did you report the injury?
  • What is the extent of your injuries?
  • Did you receive medical treatment immediately after the incident?

Determine Witnesses

The next step in a claims investigation is finding out who else was a witness to the accident.  Witnesses include those who saw the incident, but also those who know the injured employee’s habits and conduct.  Some of the important information to gather includes:

  • Activities and interest of the employee outside of work
  • Where they received medical treatment in the past
  • Any other organizations they belong to
  • The employee’s background (work and education)
  • Whether they have been involved in other workers compensation claims or personal injury lawsuits

Reconstruct the Site of the Accident

Finally, investigators will try to recreate the scene where the injury supposedly took place.  This can provide the necessary evidence to corroborate an employees story or disprove it.

These are the essential elements of a workers compensation claims investigation.  Unfortunately, you cannot completely eradicate the chances of an employee injury in your workplace.  To get the right coverage to address your needs, contact the team at Contractors Insurance Agency.

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