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Tips to Reduce Your Fall Risk

5 Most Common Workers Compensation Claims

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Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time and with no warning.  Here are ways to avoid being injured at work.

1) Overexertion

Overexertion often occurs when an employee tries to lift or pull something too heavy for them.  As a result, the employee can suffer a pulled muscle or a dislocated joint.  These injuries are most common in occupations requiring physical labor, such as construction and law enforcement.

2) Falling

Injuries sustained by falling include hand and wrist fractures and bruised shoulders.  Security guards, store clerks, and groundkeepers are workers most at risk for falls.

3) Getting Struck by an Object

Construction workers, office workers, and retail workers commonly have these types of accidents when something falls or is dropped.

4) Vehicular Accidents

Plainly put, these are injuries that workers sustain while they are behind the wheel.  Truck drivers, police officers, and travelling representatives are most at risk.

5) Machinery Accidents

These types of accidents can be devastating both physically and financially, therefore, it is vital that employers mandate employee safety training and ensure that machinery is operating properly.  Individuals in the factory manufacturing and construction industries are most at risk for these injuries.

Sadly, workplace accidents happen all the time and workers compensation claims are an ordinary occurrence for many businesses.  Protect your business and your employees by being aware of common workplace injuries. Make sure to invest in an insurance policy that best suits your needs.  Contact the professionals at Contractors Insurance Agency to make sure you are getting the coverage you and your business deserves.

Tips to Reduce Your Fall Risk

Tips to Reduce Your Fall Risk

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Falls are one of the most common workplace accidents, and a nasty fall can put you at risk for serious injury.  Learn how you can reduce your fall risk and help prevent workplace stumbles with these easy tips and strategies.

Perform Proper Maintenance

Things like a leaky drinking fountain or crack in the ceiling can create puddles of water. This puts your employees at risk for falling.  Loose carpeting or irregular flooring can also cause someone to trip.  Make sure that you stay vigilant about your workplace safety and inspect your place of business regularly.

Provide Safety Training

Another way to reduce fall risk is to implement mandatory employee safety training.  Training should include how to handle a spill or leak as the most common causes of accidents.  Your employees also need to know what to do in the event of a serious fall to minimize the damage done.

Employ Effective Lighting

Puddles and uneven flooring aren’t the only causes of trips; sometimes poor lighting is to blame.  Falls are more likely to occur in areas with dim lighting, so it’s important to make sure that employee workspaces are well lit.

Follow these simple steps to reduce the risk of serious falls in your workplace, and always remember to invest in the right insurance for your business.  Contact the professionals at Contractors Insurance Agency for the commercial insurance coverage you need.

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