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Customize Your Insurance Coverage with These Policies for Tree Service Contractors

Customize Your Insurance Coverage with These Policies for Tree Service Contractors

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There are some businesses that are dangerous, including working with trees.  From removing overgrown branches to clearing a forest, it’s important to use caution and invest in the right insurance.

While there’s no specific policy for tree service contractors, there are several types of coverage that can help protect you and your business. Start by evaluating your business risks, and check out these policies so that you can build the right insurance package for your tree servicing business.

General Liability.

Working with trees is dangerous. If a tree should fall and cause either bodily injury or property damage, you could be liable. General liability coverage gives you the resources that you need to protect yourself from liability lawsuits.

Workers’ Compensation.

Due to the dangerous nature of tree service contracting, it’s important that you take the necessary measures to keep your employees as safe as possible. Implementing the right policy can help to minimize risk. However, workers’ compensation insurance is a must for an arborist company.

Commercial Property.

Working with trees, you need special equipment. If anything should happen to this equipment, it’s expensive to replace. Help keep your equipment as secure as possible with the right commercial proper insurance. That way you have the resources that you need to replace lost or damaged equipment.

Commercial Auto.

As an arborist, chances are you drive to various locations, and you require the right vehicle to remove and trees and their debris. When driving for work, you must invest in a commercial auto insurance policy. Unlike a personal auto insurance policy, this type of coverage gives you the liability protection necessary to protect a business.

When investing in the right insurance, consult with one of our dedicated agents. We can help you tailor your coverage to your specific tree service business needs. Contact us at Contractors Insurance Agency for the commercial insurance.

Got Insurance? Find Out Why It’s a Good Idea for Contractors to Invest in General Liability Coverage

Got Insurance? Find Out Why It’s a Good Idea for Contractors to Invest in General Liability Coverage

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As an independent contractor, you’re responsible for yourself. You must ensure you have the tools you need to keep you safe while on the job. While taking necessary safety precautions can help minimize professional risks, it’s important you invest in the right insurance to protect yourself.

What Are the Benefits of General Liability Coverage?

  • Getting the Job.

When on the job many employers and clients will require you to have the necessary insurance coverage. If there’s an issue with your work, they risk a lawsuit if you’re not properly covered. Investing in a general liability policy will give you protection to cover legal issues, making you more employable.

  • Meeting State Requirements.

Not only do employers and clients want you to obtain general liability insurance, but the state often requires it. Depending on the state and industry regulations, you must meet the minimum requirements to conduct business. When it comes to contractors, this usually translates to acquiring general liability insurance.

  • Protection from Lawsuits.

As a general contractor, you’re looking out for yourself when you invest in liability insurance. In the event of a lawsuit, you would have to pay out of pocket for legal fee, which can add up quickly. General liability coverage gives you the benefits that you need to offset those costs, protecting your personal assets and your business.

How Can I Obtain General Liability Coverage?

Whether you’re added onto another contractor’s policy as an “additional insured” or you purchase your own policy, there are several options when it comes to acquiring coverage. Set up an appointment with us to discuss the best option for your business.

Invest in the right general liability insurance so that you can rest easy knowing that you’re well protected. Contact us at Contractors Insurance Agency for all your commercial insurance coverage needs.

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