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Take Time Off in Your Business for The Holidays

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As a contractor, you probably have more work than you can keep up with lately!  Everyone seems to be doing new projects and your calendar is booked for months to come.

It is important though to not burn yourself out by taking on too much or working with no breaks.  It is the holiday season and a perfect time to take a few extra days off in your business.

You don’t need to be concerned that you will lose sales or disappoint clients if you take some time off.  Most people understand that this is the time of year that people are away visiting family or spending time with loved ones. They may even be doing that themselves!

Taking a break from your business provides perspective, clarity and renewal and gives you some much needed time to connect with your loved ones.  It also gives you time to reflect on what you have learned over the last year and put some new ideas in place for what you will be doing in the new year.

Some things to put in place before you take time off include:

  • Let your clients know so they have a timeline for their projects.
  • Set up an email reply so people know you are away and will respond when you are back.
  • Put a voicemail message on your phone so if you get any calls people know when to expect to hear from you or who they should call if they have an emergency.

Taking time off is good for both you and your business.  And if you have an insurance need, we will be here for you.  We will also be taking time to enjoy our families but like you, we will have everything in place, so you know just who to reach out to if our office is unavailable.  Happy Holidays!

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