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Seven NEW Technologies that are Improving Workplace Safety

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The following Seven NEW Technology enhancements are creating opportunities for employers to further improve worker safety.


Workers can wear exoskeletons to transfer weight from repetitive tasks and use less energy when moving objects. The result is a reduced risk of injuries as well as increased strength, dexterity and productivity.

Virtual Reality

This technology replicates physical environments and presents training opportunities for employees. It also allows workers to stimulate hazardous tasks and identify safety needs. More benefits are expected as technology matures.


Wearable devices offer real time monitoring of workers vital signs. They can alert workers to the presence of environmental dangers. They can also cut health care costs by reducing health risks such as respiratory problems, cancer, dermatitis and hearing damage. An added bonus to employers is that wearables can provide valuable information as to what may have caused the employee’s injury before filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Hand Held Mobile Devices

Although the use of mobile devices can be a distraction and safety liability, there are useful apps that detect safety hazards, log safety incidents, track OSHA requirements and even determine when the heat index is too high on job sites. The key to improving worker safety with hand held mobile devices is using them responsibly.


Sending drones into high hazard areas instead of humans helps safely assess damage and plan emergency response.

Data Science

In addition to utilization of new devices, Data Science is enabling companies to analyze photos from job sites and then scan them for safety hazards, using an algorithm that correlates those images with their accident records.

Update and Implement Processes/Procedures

Before seeking out new technology, consider ways to improve your processes otherwise it can be a waste of money. No amount of technology will help if its’ your processes that need to be improved.


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