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Determine What You Need to Know About Professional Liability Coverage for Contractors

Determine What You Need to Know About Professional Liability Coverage for Contractors

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When it comes to protecting your business, it’s important to have the tools that you need to stay safe. You invest in the right commercial property and general liability insurance. However, sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes you need coverage to protect you from risks specific to your industry. That’s where professional liability coverage comes in.

As a contractor, professional liability insurance gives you coverage you need to protect your business from certain industry risks.

What is Professional Liability Coverage?

Professional liability coverage is insurance that you need to help protect against certain specific liabilities. These liabilities are things such as errors and oversights, negligence, failure to provide certain services as promised, and incomplete work. It’s a special policy to protect against malpractice.

How Does Professional Liability Coverage Protect Me as a Contractor?

As a contractor, it’s important to discuss your coverage needs with us at Contractors Insurance Agency.  In some cases, you may need professional liability, in others, general liability will suffice. If your contracting business involves inspection and property preservation, it’s important that you have the right coverage in the event that there has been a mistake.

As a contractor, ensure that you have the right professional liability coverage. Contact us at Contractors Insurance Agency for the commercial insurance coverage you need.

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